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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why?
A: Apple today is synonymous with products such as iPhone and iPad. These amazing products are just the latest phase in the evolution of Apple, a journey that began in 1976 and as Apple tell us today in their ads ‘is only getting started’. We know that Steve Jobs believes in looking to the future, but there are millions of people who still love and remember the products that were part of the story that brought Apple where they are today – products like the Apple II, the Macintosh, the first iPod – these products were stepping stones in design, quality, craftsmanship and engineering that has brought Apple to where they are today. Shrine Of Apple aims to be the destination site for owners, fans and admirers of Apple products everywhere, past and present – a place where you can enjoy browsing through the Apple product timeline where every product that Apple has ever made can be remembered, enjoyed and honored.

Q: OK seriously – you’re missing LOTS of products – WHERE ARE ALL THE PRODUCTS!!!?
A: We launched the website with just a fraction of the content we have. We have hundreds more lined up ready to go and we’ll be releasing them slowly over time – please follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook or consume our RSS to receive updates on when we post new products. We know there are lots of pieces missing right now but keep watching – you won’t be disappointed!

Q: How are you different from other Mac sites/online museums?
A: There are some amazing Apple and Mac museums out there, some of them are just unbelievable.. The Computer History Museum is a great place to visit and has a wonderful collection of Apple products, but it’s out of reach of the millions of Apple fans outside of the US and Silicon Valley. Then there are people like James, John and Matt who celebrate the history of Apple one product at a time each bringing their own cool and unique style. Product specific sites like iLounge focus on the i-Products, complimented by their awesome guide to anything starting with an i. Then you have many awesome news, blog and opinion sites dedicated to Apple but they focus on what Apple is doing today and how their products and strategies are influencing our industry. Finally you have your uber-Apple-bloggers like MG and John who cop a lot of flak for being fanboys, but just tell it like it is – just how much Apple is kicking butt in the market today. So where does that leave us? We believe that Apple fans need a place to go for a much richer visual, multimedia experience to celebrate and appreciate products from Apple – and that’s why we started Shrine Of Apple.

Q: Who are you guys?
A: Just another satisfied Apple customer…..

Q: Where is the Apple 1?
A: We’re working on it…

Q: You don’t get it – I’m a major expert on all things Apple and I know there are some things you’ll just never get your hands on.
A: Keep watching.

Q: Where is the Pippin? Where are the NEXT devices?
A: We decided to focus on products sold by Apple directly to the public – think of it as any product with an Apple logo on it. We know that some enthusiasts believe that a collection is not complete without these types of products, but that’s not our focus right now.

Q: OK you’ve got a pretty good collection – but I see you’re missing some rare items (like some prototypes).
A: We’re working on ways to get our hands on more products. Prototypes are super rare. If you’d like to participate and help contribute your rare items for capturing to the site, click here.

Q: Some of your products look a bit ratty (yellowed, boxes are in bad shape) – what’s up with that?
A: We’ve spent *a lot* of time (and money) trying to get our hands on the best specimens that we can, but it’s hard when some of these products can be nearly 20 to 30 years old. Boxes tend to not hold up to well as they age but we try to get them in the best shape that we can (hey we have the original box of a Macintosh XL – that’s just a tad cool isn’t it?).

Q: Why are the details of the products so brief? Wikipedia has much more information than you guys.
A: We include a limited amount of background information about each product (description, specifications) because we’re about the visuals – great photos and video. Wikipedia is definitely a better source of raw information if that’s what you’re looking for, and of course there is always the Apple support website! Other sites include EveryMac, LowEndMac, Vectronic’s Apple World (VAW) and lots of others. Check out our links section for more.

Q: What’s the difference between Shrine Of Apple and MacTracker?
A: Shrine Of Apple is all about awesome photos and video of Apple products. We have a brief description of the product and some specifications, but MacTracker is a much more comprehensive source of raw technical specifications about Macintosh computers and other Apple peripherals. MacTracker is great and we are big fans! You can check it out here. The product was built by Ian Page and he’s even written (free!) iPhone/iPad, Mac and Windows desktop apps. Very cool.

Q: Great collection – is it for sale?
A: If you’re interested in purchasing any of our items, feel free to contact us but eBay is still the best and most reliable online source of purchasing recent and vintage Apple products.

Q: I love your photos – can I get copies?
A: You are free to link to our photos. If you make a copy and embed them somewhere else, please consider giving us a nod or shout out – we would really appreciate it. If you’re interested in the high definition versions of our photos, drop us a line.

Q: Your photos and videos are meh – I can do better.
A: Great! Send us links to your photos and videos – if the quality matches what we’re aiming for, we’ll happy embed your content into the site (with the appropriate recognition of course!). Click here for more details on how to do this.

Q: Your photos don’t look right – the colors seem to be off.
A: We spent a lot of time calibrating the photos to look great on our MacBook Pros which is what we use, but different monitors around the world (both desktop and laptop LCDs) don’t always render colors in the same way or with the same consistency. Hopefully the colors will look right on your monitor, but if they don’t, try looking at the site on another screen. If you’re still seeing off colors, please drop us a line and we’ll see what we can do to clean it up.. For more background on this issue, check out this great article.

Q: I zoomed in on your photos – some of them look touched up.
A: Wow you’ve got a good eye 🙂 Some of the products we have show some scratches, blemishes or just general wear and tear that we felt would ruin the visual experience. We’ve tried *really* hard to get the best quality products in the best possible condition (in some cases we have mint, unopened, still in shrinkwrap products and we opened them just for this), but some of these products are over 30 years old. We’ve paid a premium to get some of these – others we haven’t got there quite yet. So, in order to keep things looking great, we’ve done some touchup to remove some scratches, blemishes or other anomalies that we’re sure most people won’t notice and would help make the viewing experience better.

Q: I love the music in your videos – where do you get your music from?
A: All of the music clips in our videos are fully licensed through companies like PremiumBeat.com and Architect of Sound. We’re always looking for new and cool music to power our videos and keep you interested!

Q: I found a bunch of mistakes with your specs. Where are you guys getting your information?
A: Even though are specs are brief, we try hard to keep all specifications as accurate as possible – we do this by getting them directly from Apple only sources – their website and their marketing materials. If you find a problem, let us know – we’ll check the facts and correct the problem as soon as possible. If you’re looking for hard core specifications, check out EveryMac or MacTracker.

Q: You’re missing lots of information about some products – other websites have much more info than you guys.
A: Once again, we are really focused bringing you amazing photos and videos of Apple products. There are other websites (include apple.com) that have far more technical information and specifications than we can provide.

Q: Is the site connected with Apple?
A: Shrine Of Apple is not affiliated with, endorsed by or connected to Apple Inc.

Q: Has anyone from Apple contacted you?
A: Not yet. We do hope that Apple and its employees, past and present, get a chance to visit us.

Q: How do I sign up?
A: No registration here. You can simply follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook or ingest our RSS to be notified of new products when we add them.

Q: iPhone or iPad app coming soon?
A: Oh absolutely. We’re working hard on it so please be patient.

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