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GeoPort Telecom Adapter Kit

The GeoPort Telecom Adapter Kit turned a Power Macintosh into a high-speed modem, intelligent telephone, digital answering machine, and fax.

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Macintosh Duo MiniDock

The Macintosh Duo MiniDock was launched in October 1992. It was the first docking solution for the PowerBook Duo line of subnotebooks.

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Macintosh PowerBook 190cs

The Macintosh PowerBook 190cs was released in August of 1995 and touted as Apple’s most affordable color PowerBook.

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MacBook Air (2010)

The MacBook Air (2010) was the 2nd generation MacBook Air, surpassing the first Air with an even thinner enclosure.

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Airport Express

Powered by 802.11n, the AirPort Express supports up to 10 users, printing documents, playing iTunes music through a stereo or powered speakers using AirTunes.

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Tape Backup 40SC

The Apple Tape Backup 40SC, launched in 1987, was a SCSI based peripheral for Macintosh owners to backup and restore up to 40Mb of critical data.

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Thursday, April 5th 2010
Major change to the site.

Thursday, April 5th 2010
Major change to the site.

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