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Color Plotter

Immediately after the release of the first Macintosh computer, Apple released its only plotter, the Apple Color Plotter. This printer moved and rotated four color pens along the horizontal axis, the device moving the paper into order to allow its pens to render along the vertical axis.

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ImageWriter II

Launched in 1985, the ImageWriter II was a dot matrix printer with a maximum resolution of 144 DPI. It featured an iconic design and was popular with small businesses due to the low cost ribbons and support for track paper. It supported three levels of print quality: draft, standard, and near letter quality. It retailed for US$600.

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Color StyleWriter 4100

The Apple Color StyleWriter 4100 was a high-quality, four-color ink-jet printer with resolution of up to 600 by 600 dots per inch for black and white and up to 600 by 300 dots per inch for color, with speeds of up to 4 pages per minute.

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StyleWriter II

The Apple StyleWriter II Printer provided laser-quality printing at 360 dpi (dots per inch) using thermal ink-jet technology, and included 39 TrueType fonts, including Times, Helvetica, Palatino, ITC Avant Garde Gothic, and Symbol. It had a multipurpose paper feeder that automatically fed up to 15 envelopes or 100 sheets of paper, and accommodated letterhead, labels, envelopes, and transparencies for overhead projection. It supported Apple’s GrayShare technology for the ability to print over 130 shades of gray and allowed connecting the StyleWriter II to a network through a Macintosh.

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Color StyleWriter 2200

The Apple Color StyleWriter 2200 retailed for US$419 and could print 5 B&W ppm and 1 color page in just under 3 minutes. It weighed just over 3 lbs.

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LaserWriter Pro Envelope Feeder

The LaserWriter Pro Envelope Feeder was an add-on for several of the Apple LaserWriter range of printers.

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Silentype Thermal Printer

The Silentype printer was Apple’s first printer released in 1979. It was marketed as ‘eliminating the cost of hardcopy’.

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Introduced in 1991, the StyleWriter was the first of Apple’s line of inkjet serial printers, targeted mainly towards consumers. The feed mechanism was removable, and paper could be fed through manually in a virtually straight line.

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Color LaserWriter Photoconductor Replacement Kit

The Color LaserWriter Photoconductor Replacement Kit was an accessory for the Color LaserWriter.

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Portable StyleWriter

The Portable StyleWriter was a bubble jet ink-on-demand portable printer that worked with any PowerBook, PowerBook Duo, or Macintosh computer with system software 7.0.1 or later. It could print up to 1.5 pages per minute at a resolution of 360 dpi in best mode.

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