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Quicktake 200

The Quicktake 200 was the third line of Quicktake digital cameras from Apple.

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VideoPhone Kit

The Apple VideoPhone Kit was Apple’s first webcam. It retailed for $280 and supported audio and videoconferencing over a 28.8bps modem connection.

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Quicktake 150

The Quicktake 150 was an improved version of the QuickTake 100 and featured 1 MB of flash EPROM that could store 16 high-resolution images (24-bit, 640 by 480) or 32 standard resolution images (24-bit, 320 by 240), a close-up lens, plus a serial cable and Apple’s QuickTake software to transfer images over to any Mac with a 68020 or better processor.

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Quicktake 200 AC Adapter

The Quicktake 200 AC Adapter was the external power adapter for the Quicktake 200 Digital Camera.

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The Apple iSight was the last external webcam made by Apple. With iSight, you could video chat with other iChat AV users in real-time, full-motion video. iSight also had a built-in microphone. The iSight brand is still used to represent the internal video camera now found on all Macbook and iMac machines.

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Quicktake 100

The Quicktake 100 was the first digital camera from Apple. It supported up to 32 standard resolution images (320×240) or 8 high resolution images (640×480) and weighed 1lb.

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