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Macintosh Performa 200

The Apple Macintosh Performa 200 featured a 16 MHz 68030 processor, 2 MB RAM, 40 MB or 80 MB hard drive inside the Mac compact case with a 9″ monochrome display. You can view the original specifications of …

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Macintosh Plus

The Macintosh Plus computer was the 3rd model in the Macintosh line. Launched in 1986 with a retail price of US$2,600, the ‘Mac Plus’ shipped with 1MB RAM, an external SCSI peripheral bus and could run System 7.

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Macintosh Quadra 610

The Macintosh Quadra 610 contained two different CPUs (Motorola and Intel) that worked independently, allowing you to run Macintosh and DOS (or Windows) applications simultaneously – and copy and paste data between the two environments. MS-DOS version 6.2 is installed on the hard drive, along with the Macintosh operating system (system software version 7.1).

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Macintosh LC II

Introduced in March, 1993 at a cost of US$1,400, the Macintosh LC II was one of the smallest footprint desktops with a height of just under 3 inches. It featured a 16Mhz 68030 processor with a maximum of 10MB RAM. It was an improvement over the Macintosh LC with 4MB of onboard memory upgraded from 2MB.

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Macintosh Quadra 950

The Macintosh Quadra 950 was a higher-performance Macintosh Quadra 900. The improved features of the Quadra 950 included a faster MC68040 processor running at 33Mhz. Also included was a 20% improvement in video performance, addition of 16 bits per pixel to support large monitors and a faster I/O bus running at 25 MHz instead of the 16 MHz used on the Macintosh Quadra 900.

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Macintosh Performa 476

With a claim to fame as being the smallest desktop Mac prior to the Mac mini, the LC series included the Performa 476 which was the most powerful model in the line. With a 230Mb hard drive and retailing for around $1800, the Performa 476 (also referred to as the Quadra 605) weighed 8.8lb.

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Macintosh IIfx

The Macintosh IIfx was famous for being the fastest Macintosh at the time. Launched in 1990 at a retail cost of up to $12,000 the Macintosh IIfx was powered with a 40 MHz 68030 CPU and expandable to 128 MB RAM.

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Macintosh Color Classic

Introduced in 1993, the Macintosh Color Classic was the first color capable Macintosh computer sporting a 10″ Sony display with a resolution of 512×384. It retailed for US$1,400.

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Apple TechStep

The Apple TechStep was a handheld diagnostic tool for Apple service technicians. Retailing for around US$1,000, the TechStep allowed technicians to test Apple hardware using ROM ‘packs’. Tests were supported for most early Mac models from the ADB ports to the FPU using a built-in 4 x 16 character black and white LCD.

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Macintosh SE

Launched in March 1987, the Macintosh SE was equipped with 1MB RAM, up to two double-sided 800K floppies and support for an internal SCSI hard drive. It was also the first compact Macintosh to sport a built-in fan.

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