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Monitor IIc

The Apple IIc Flat Panel Display was a black and white LCD screen designed specifically for the Apple IIc. It did not support a backlight which made it difficult to view without optimal lighting conditions. The resolution was 560×192 and used a DB-15 connector.

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Macintosh PowerBook 180

The PowerBook 180, released in 1992, replaced the PowerBook 170 with a more powerful 44Mhz 68030 processor. The PowerBook 180 shipped with a 9.5″ active matrix LCD, 4-bit grayscale screen, 1.44Mb floppy and an internal 80Mb hard drive.

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Mac OS 8

Mac OS 8 was released on July 26, 1997 and represented the largest overhaul of the Mac OS since the release of System 7.

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Hand Controllers IIe and IIc

The Hand Controllers IIe and IIc were the 2nd generation hand controllers (paddles) for the Apple IIe and IIc personal computers.

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Macintosh Hard Disk 20

The Macintosh Hard Disk 20 was the first hard drive produced by Apple. It was specifically for use with the Macintosh 512K and Macintosh Plus and was the first in a line of subsequent external storage products to support the Macintosh line of computers.

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AppleDesign Keyboard

The AppleDesign Keyboard was the first major redesign of the Apple keyboard, featuring more fluid, curving lines to match the look of the new Apple product style. It was significantly lighter than its predecessors, it had a much softer and quieter key interface that previous models, and also included only one ADB port for mice or other pointing devices, concealed on the underside, with the keyboard’s cable permanently attached

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Macintosh 128K “Twiggy Mac”

The Apple MultiServer was planned as an OEM version of 3Com’s 3Server dedicated file server from 1986. It had an Intel 80188 processor, 1MB RAM, 80MB HD (expandable via SCSI to 768MB), and connected to thin Ethernet coax, telephone modems, and Apple’s LocalTalk.

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Apple IIe Numeric Keypad

The Apple IIe Numeric Keypad was an external keypad device for the Apple IIe. Part of it’s layout was specifically designed as a convenience for Visicalc users.

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Macintosh 512Ke

Launched in April 1986, the Macintosh 512Ke (enhanced) was the same as the Macintosh 512K but with an 800K disk drive and 128K of ROM used in the Macintosh Plus. A Macintosh 512K could be upgraded to a 512Ke by purchasing and installing Apple’s $299 Macintosh Plus Disk Drive Kit.

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Apple III+

Retailing for US$2,695 the Apple III+ replaced the original Apple III, addressing known hardware problems and increased on-board RAM to 256kb.  It also contained a built-in clock, video interlacing and a re-styled keyboard.

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