Macintosh Quadra 950

At A Glance

The Macintosh Quadra 950 was a higher-performance Macintosh Quadra 900. The improved features of the Quadra 950 included a faster MC68040 processor running at 33Mhz. Also included was a 20% improvement in video performance, addition of 16 bits per pixel to support large monitors and a faster I/O bus running at 25 MHz instead of the 16 MHz used on the Macintosh Quadra 900. You can view the original specifications of the Macintosh Quadra 950 at the Apple site by clicking here.

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Original Specifications

  • The hardware features of the Macintosh Quadra 950 computer include:
    • Motorola MC68040 microprocessor running at 33.333 MHz
    • a large case, designed to stand on the floor
    • support for as many as four internal mass-storage devices, including two with removable media
    • four banks of dynamic RAM with 4 or 16 MB per bank for a maximum of 64 MB
    • built-in video hardware with direct-attach frame buffer using separate video RAM
    • a dual-channel SCSI interface for faster internal SCSI devices
    • intelligent I/O processors (IOPs) for floppy-disk, ADB, and serial I/O ports
    • built-in support for Ethernet by way of an Apple AUI connector
    • SuperDrive high-density floppy disk drive with 1.44 MB capacity
    • five NuBus expansion slots with NuBus ’90 features and space for oversized NuBus cards
    • a processor-direct slot (PDS) for low-level hardware expansion
    • improved sound capability with integration of sound from CD-ROM
    • a key lock for security
    • a large power supply, with capacity of 300 watts

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Low End Mac

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