Lisa Parallel Interface Board

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The Parallel Interface Board enabled a Lisa to accommodate peripherals structured with a parallel interface such as Apple’s ProFile hard disk and the Apple Dot Matrix Printer. The Lisa already had a built in parallel port, so this interface board served as a way to extend additional parallel devices.


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Original Specifications

  • Details:
    • Any device that uses Apple’s standard parallel interface can be connected to the Parallel Interface Board, including Apple’s ProFile hard disk and Dot Matrix Printer.
    • Lisa can support as many as seven parallel devices.
    • The Parallel Interface Board enables your Lisa”‘ system to accommodate peripherals structured with a parallel interface, such as Apple’s ProFileTM hard disk and the Apple Dot Matrix Printer.
    • The Parallel Interface Board transmits data at the maxi-mum rate of 625K bytes per second.
    • Several different handshak-ing protocols are available.
    • Four programmable timers are available for software.
    • The Parallel Board’s ports and Lisa’s built-in parallel include more than one parallel peripheral device. Each Parallel Interface Board has two ports, and as many as three Parallel Inter-face Boards may be installed in Lisa’s expansion slots. This means that Lisa can support a total of seven parallel peripherals at one time.
    • interface use similar software command formats. Standard port control is based on Versatile Interface Adapter circuits.
    • Parity checking on data lines helps detect possible errors.
    • Self-test diagnostics verify the Parallel Interface Board’s correct operation. The Parallel Interface Board can be used with any standard Lisa system.

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