Macintosh LC II

At A Glance

Introduced in March, 1993 at a cost of US$1,400, the Macintosh LC II was one of the smallest footprint desktops with a height of just under 3 inches. It featured a 16Mhz 68030 processor with a maximum of 10MB RAM. It was an improvement over the Macintosh LC with 4MB of onboard memory upgraded from 2MB. You can view the original specifications of the Macintosh LC here.

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Original Specifications

  • Processor:
    • The Macintosh LC II has a 68030 processor running at 16MHz, providing up to 10% faster performance than the Macintosh LC.
  • Memory:
    • The ROM (Read-Only Memory) contains operating system routines, Toolbox routines, and system traps. The memory mapping scheme allocates 2MB of address space for ROM. The Macintosh LC II configuration consists of four 128K x 8 ROMs using 512K of the allocated address space. The Macintosh LC II ROM is an LC ROM (based on IIci ROM) upgraded to take advantage of the
  • Features
    • Virtual Memory support
    • 16-bit data path
    • 32-bit clean ROM (512K)
    • No Apple Floating Point Unit (FPU). Third-party solutions available.
    • One 1.4MB FDHD SuperDrive
    • hard drive options: none, 40MB, or 80MB
    • LC Processor Direct Slot (PDS). Works with Apple IIe, LC Ethernet, and third-party LC cards.
    • Built-in video RAM
    • 256K VRAM SIMM option
    • 16 grays on Macintosh 12-inch Monochrome or VGA
    • 256 colors on Macintosh 12-inch RGB Display
    • 16 colors on 13-inch AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor or VGA
    • 512K VRAM SIMM option
    • 256 grays on Macintosh 12-inch Monochrome or VGA
    • 32,000 colors on Macintosh 12-inch RGB Display
    • 256 colors on 13-inch AppleColor High-Resolution RGB Monitor or VGA
    • 4MB RAM soldered on logic board
    • 2 SIMM RAM expansion slots (expansion to 6, 8, or 10MB)
    • Ports (ADB, Printer, Modem, Video, SCSI, Mono sound out, Sound In)
    • Built-in sound
    • Monaural 8-bit A/D converter with 22 kHz sampling rates
    • Electret microphone
    • Macintosh LC to Macintosh LC II Upgrade Kit
  • System Software
    • Macintosh LC II systems with no hard drive are shipped with System 6.0.8.
    • Macintosh LC II systems with hard drives ship with System 7.0.1 and the System 7 Tune-Up extensions.


See the Wikipedia entry on the Macintosh LC II here.

Check out a complete technical detailed description of the LC II over at
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