Apple SCSI Cable System

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Apple SCSI Cable System

The Apple SCSI Cable System provided a fast, flexible and expandable way to connect SCSI peripherals to a Macintosh with a built-in SCSI port, or an Apple II equipped with a SCSI interface card. Read an overview of SCSI external devices from Apple.

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Original Specifications

There are four components in the Apple SCSI Cable System:

  • Apple SCSI Cable System:
    • Plugs into the built-in SCSI port on your Macintosh, or into your Apple II with a SCSI card. Included with the cable is a manual that explains how to install your cable system and connect your SCSI peripherals..
  • Apple SCSI Cable Terminator:
    • filters out unwanted signals or noise along your SCSI cables. You’ll need either one or two terminators, depending on the configuration of your SCSI Bus.
  • Apple SCSI Peripheral Interface Cable:
    • Connects one SCSI peripheral to the next.
  • Apple SCSI Cable Extender:
    • Lets you add a meter of cable where needed.

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