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The Macintosh Plus computer was the 3rd model in the Macintosh line. Launched in 1986 with a retail price of US$2,600, the ‘Mac Plus’ shipped with 1MB RAM, an external SCSI peripheral bus and could run System 7. You can view the original specifications of the Macintosh Plus at the Apple support site.

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Original Specifications

  • One Full Megabyte of Memory:
    • With one full megabyte of RAM available (expandable to four megabytes), the Macintosh Plus can accommodate memory-intensive application programs. Large models, documents, and databases are easily handled.
  • 800K of Storage Capacity:
    • The 800K drive stores more system programs and applications on a dual-sided 3.5 disk and still leaves space for data files. The 800K drive operates at twice the speed of the 400K drive.
  • High Speed Peripheral Port:
    • Equipped with a Small Computer Systems Interface (SCSI) port, the Macintosh Plus transfers data up to six times faster through the SCSI port than through the disk drive port. Up to seven peripherals can be daisy chained to the Macintosh Plus at one time.
  • Enhanced ROMs:
    • A new 128K ROM has been added to the Macintosh Plus. It offers a Hierarchical File System which allows the Macintosh Plus to operate faster and function more efficiently, improving overall system performance. It provides the user with a more efficient way to store and retrieve documents..
  • Cursor Keys and a Numeric Keypad:
    • The Macintosh Plus features a keyboard with cursor keys and a numeric keypad designed to accelerate data entry.

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