AppleTalk Connector Kit

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AppleTalk Connector Kit

AppleTalk allowed connecting of up to 32 computers and peripherals in an office work group to share peripherals such as printers and hard disks. The Appletalk Connector Kit was a set of plugs and cables that allowed a Macintosh or other AppleTalk peripheral to connect to a network. Read the original specifications of the AppleTalk Connector Kit at the Apple support site.

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Original Specifications

The AppleTalk Connector Kit contained:

  • An AppleTalk Connector:
    • The AppleTalk Connector plugs into the serial port on a Macintosh or an AppleTalk peripheral.
  • A 2-meter AppleTalk Cable:
    • The AppleTalk Cable plugs into a cable port on the AppleTalk Connector. The other end of the cable plugs into another AppleTalk Connector or a Cable Extender.
  • A Cable Extender:
    • the Cable Extender joins two AppleTalk Cables together

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