Macintosh PowerBook 5300cs

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Macintosh PowerBook 5300cs

The Macintosh PowerBook 5300cs provided the performance of PowerPC technology and long battery life in an affordable color notebook system. It featured an advanced 100Mhz PowerPC 603e processor, weighed 6.2 lbs, provided 16-bit, CD-quality stereo sound, and sported a full-page-width, dual-scan display that supported 256 colors. Read the original specifications of the Macintosh PowerBook 5300cs at the Apple support site.

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5300 Family Breakdown

Macintosh PowerBook 5300cs
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Original Specifications

  • High Performance:
    • Uses a 100-MHz PowerPC 603e processor
    • Includes a high-capacity internal 500 MB or 750 MB hard disk drive
    • Runs thousands of Mac OS applications and hundreds of applications optimized for Power Macintosh
  • Innovative Design:
    • Provides a 10.4-inch (diagonal), backlit, dual-scan, color display with 256 colors
    • Features PC Card slots and an expansion bay, for flexibility and expandability
    • Comes with an integrated Apple trackpad, full-size keyboard, and integrated palm rest
    • Uses a long-lasting Nickel-Metal-Hydride battery
  • Easy And Versatile Communications Capabilities:
    • Provides built-in infrared technology for easy file sharing, no cables necessary
    • Lets you add a wired or wireless modem or Ethernet networking capabilities through PC Card slots
    • Comes with a range of communications software to keep you connected
  • Multimedia Support:
    • Comes with 8-bit color video-out, upgradable to greater bit depths
    • Provides built-in speaker; 16-bit, CD-quality stereo line input and sound output; and an integrated microphone
    • Includes expansion bay for removable, rewritable media such as a magneto-optical drive
    • Includes QuickTime software

  • Preinstalled Software:
    • Comes with System 7.5
    • Provides active assistance in learning new features through Apple Guide
    • Comes with the PowerBook Mobility Bundle, software designed to enhance mobile computing
  • Bundled Software:
    Each configuration comes with the PowerBook Mobility Bundle. The Bundle includes the following components:

    • PowerTalk 1.0
    • Macintosh PC Exchange
    • Macintosh Easy Open
    • Apple Remote Access
    • PowerBook Control Strip
    • Floppy Disk Maker
    • Disk Image Mounter
    • Password Protection Software
    • Eric’s Ultimate Solitaire Sample
    • Spin Doctor
    • Super Maze Wars
    • PowerBook Demo
  • What’s In The Box:
    • Macintosh PowerBook 5300 computer
    • Macintosh PowerBook 5300 User’s Guide
    • Macintosh PowerBook 5300 Technical Specifications sheet
    • ARA Client User’s Guide
    • ARA Promotion Flyer
    • Registration card
    • Packing List
    • Disk Tools diskette
    • Power Cord
    • AC adapter
    • Protective Battery Cap/Cover
    • Expansion Bay PC Card Storage Module
    • Resource Guide including
    • Warranty
    • Software License Agreements
    • Apple logo decals
    • Citibank VISA Brochure and Application
    • Tote Bag Catalog

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