Hypercard 2.3

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Apple Hypercard 2.3

The Hypercard Development system allowed you to create custom software solutions for business, education and multimedia. Version 2.0 was integrated with AppleScript for easy control of more than 100 scriptable Mac OS-based applications. Read the original description of Apple Hypercard 2.3

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Original Specifications

  • Easy to use:
    • Organize information into convenient “stacks” of electronic cards
    • Create applications quickly using ready-made buttons and text fields
    • Integrate QuickTime movies, graphics, sounds, and spoken text into a HyperCard stack-no scripting experience required
  • Color and multimedia support:
    • Assign colors to HyperCard elements such as buttons, fields, and backgrounds
    • Use 24-bit color painting tools to create color images and to import and resize color PICT graphics
    • Have HyperCard text read aloud by your computer
    • Add QuickTime movies, sounds, and graphics to your stacks
  • Powerful development features:
    • Take full advantage of Power Macintosh systems with an accelerated version of HyperCard
    • Use AppleScript from within HyperCard to launch, control, and exchange data with over 100 scriptable Macintosh applications
    • Create and customize your own menus and tool palettes
    • Extend HyperCard’s functionality with commercially available add-on products, including third-party external command (XCMD) software
  • Support for global solutions:
    • Use WorldScript system extensions to create multilingual HyperCard solutions
    • Mix different character sets (including single-byte and double-byte characters) in a single field
    • Script in French, Japanese, or other languages using international dialects of AppleScript software
  • Stand-alone application capability:
    • Create double-clickable applications for customers, colleagues, or students who do not have HyperCard software
    • Distribute HyperCard applications freely, without software royalty fees

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