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Welcome to Shrine Of Apple and thanks for visiting us.

Apple is the most amazing, fantastic and awesome company in the world. We love Apple. Did we mention that we’re big fans of Apple?

Our mission is to showcase the entire spectrum of products that Apple have sold to the public since 1976 – every product Apple Inc has ever produced, in the highest quality and definition possible. Every desktop, every laptop, every notebook, monitor, iPod, iPad, iPhone, mouse, keyboard, modem, cable, port, adapter, docking station, memory expansion card….and that’s just their hardware. Operating systems, productivity suites and all the great software titles that Apple have published will make an appearance too!

So where are all the products? We’re launching with a small sample but we have hundreds more queued up and we’ll be trickling them out every week, so follow us on Twitter or Facebook to keep up with new additions as they come online. You can also see how we bring you these products as we get them. We know the list is huge. Enormous. Impossible? Maybe… but keep watching.

If you like what you see, then like us, follow us, or drop us a line (might take a day to get back to you – we have day jobs).

Shrine Of Apple is the creation of Jonathan Zufi, leading expert in the field of mobility and wireless devices by day – avid Apple collector by night. Jonathan grew up learning to code on an Apple II and after coming across an old Apple II software title in 2009, began his mission to catalog everything ever made by Apple and provide a destination where anyone in the world can explore the rich, visually brilliant and diverse history of the Apple product line since 1976. Jonathan hopes to honor Apple and their employees, past and present, by showcasing their products with the same level of quality and dedication that can be found in the Apple portfolio today.

And now sit back, relax and enjoy browsing over 35 years of product awesomeness from Apple.

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